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12 March, 2015


Hello my lovely friends,


How are you? Well it's been two weeks today since the launch of this pretty little website { do you liiiike it?! } which is all very fabulous, but to be honest, I had hoped to have been chatting to you a little bit more than I have been. Of the fourteen days since the launch, I have spent seven of them in bed with crazy migraines. Do you get migraines? Have you ever? Ah, I am trying to get to the bottom of this because I know it's just not what a body should have to deal with. If you have any ideas let me know I'd love to hear.

After not being well, it's often easy to feel a little "behind the 8 ball"... if you know what I mean? Things get postponed and schedules get moved, which was leaving me feeling slightly overwhelmed the other day. But one little whisper from The Lord put my heart and mind at ease. He simply said... "Nat you are right on schedule". And I breathed a little sigh of relief and felt such peace. How easy it is for a few thoughts to come in and crash the party and before we know it we're freaking out about nothing at all. :)

So maybe that's a word for you too today ~ maybe you've been feeling you're behind in your dreams, or that it's too late to start something new... No way my friend. If it's in your heart, then it's already part of the plan. You are right on schedule. You and me both. We are right where we are meant to be. So be encouraged and let's take a deep breath knowing today is a new day FULL of possiblities. :) xo


And now for some fun...


So today's Friday Fashionista is all about the relaxed and effortless chic of denim + white. Denim with black is great, and denim with colour is also fab... but nothing says casual class like pairing denim with fresh breezy whites. Oh yeah.

So fun hey? Simple and cool.  Well... I am wishing you a beautiful weekend. Make sure you do something special and be sure to encourage a few people along the way, you never know you could just change their life ;)

Love you guys lots... Nat xo

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